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Yet another secret I'm planning to keep it to myself!!!!!

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Well I''ll definitely tell my friend (she knows the guy too, noy much to do) and few people, but not my parents, na, don't feel like getting on my personal info.

The secret is I'm now once again exclusive with that guy (let's call him A), I been seeing for like a month now. He's my second b/f (I dump the first one way back on May 2 on the 7th day).



Anyways hope I can keep up with the secret this time. Mom just knows I had one b/f and that I'm single again (not anymore) and dad has no idea of anything. He thinsk I always been single and never in a relation.



I'm just gonna make them think he's just a friend. He did come to my house on couple on occasions but only when mom's there and dad's working (lol, yea he's so jealous about letting a guy in the house, it's not like I'm gonna mess around, I got sense and know what I'm doing).





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You're 19 years old and you're not allowed to have a boyfriend?


Off course I'm allow, mom wouldn't mind but dad gets kinda touchy. He's already told him how it's not easy and that it's gonna be hard studying, working, and been in a relation at once and that right now I should be focusing on studying and getting a degree.



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I think your dad has a point but your life needs balance. I think if you have one of those all-consuming relationships where you're joined at the hip, it won't work. I think you need a relationship where there isn't pressure to see each other every hour or even every day.


I understand the reasons why people work and study at the same time but I was lucky/lazy enough that I never did it and only worked during uni vacations. I think where you could lose out is that if you work, study and have a boyfriend, you can forget about an y other interests or friends.

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Ok so my mom knows it, as it was not really a surprise to her, she told me she already had figured it out. She's fine with it, thus it's no big deal, she lets him in while dad works.

Dad on the other hand would freak out if he were to know he was in my house yesterday and in my room (it's not like I'm gonna mess around, nope). He off course doesn't know it, me and mom are keeping it a secret. However, he's starting to suspect a little and I'm trying not to make it obvious.

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