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I think I'm too late


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Hi guys,


Well, I'm that same person that has been going through my healing process and I actually have news..I like a guy. But I don't think he even remembers that I exist. And what's pretty bad about this is that when I was in a relationship with that cheater, this guy actually attempted to speak to me a few times but I was too shy and I didn't really want to converse with any other guys other than my ex bf. But I actually did think the guy was cute back then.


And another thing is that last spring semester was his last semester...he graduated! Which is great for him but my chance is ruined. Well..I actually just sent him a message on facebook (right now) and his status says that he's single and looking for a relationship, but I think a girl has been trying to get into a relationship with him or talk to him (by the messages that she's sending him). I'm not sure. But if she is, then that means I'm too late and I missed my chance which is pretty depressing. Bah! It's just not fair how even my disgusting cheater ex boyfriend is with someone and has someone that "loves" him and I have no one.


I'm so ashamed of having been with my disgusting ex boyfriend for so long. Actually, a friend of mine today, sent me a message on Facebook because he noticed that I was single and asked me what happened and I told him that my ex was a cheater and he left me. And I couldn't help but to feel embarrassed when I said that. I really feel like I'm a failure because I usually never ever give up on anything but I had no control over this.

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Don't give up hope. You haven't lost your chance yet. Yes, that girl may be sending him messages and trying to hook up with him. But, ultimately it is up to him to decide who he wants to hang out.


Now that you have sent him a message, just sit back, relax and wait for him to contact you. If he once had an interest in you, he should find it pleasantly surprising that you now have an interest in him, and he may just bite.


Good luck!

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