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Best friend, like brother does'nt really care anymore.

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I've known my buddy for almost 9 yrs now. I look at this kid as my brother and love him to death. But lately he won't call me back or even respond to my IM's online. He says hi and that's about it when I IM him. I got him a job as a teller at the old bank I used to work at and since then he bascially stopped talking to him. In the past month I've left him a few messages and he has'nt not returned one of them. He never really talks to me online and I dunno me being a guy whining about something like this seems stupid but like I said he's like my brother so this is bothering. I've decided I am gonna talk to him about it in a few weeks if this keeps happeneding. I am afraid he won't call me back to talk about this.


On an another note. My other friend I used to work with at the bank keeps whining to me almost everyday how they won't give her as much responsibility as they used to give me. I've always been good at what I've done and everyone has always seen me as someone that can handle a lot of responsibility. She keeps comparing herself to me and indirectly keeps making me feel bad about doing a good job while I was there. Its not that she's a bad worker or anything infact she's one of their best workers and she keeps looking at everything by comparing it to how I was treated there. I finally said "look you keep talking about this like you want me to apolagize for doing a good job" and she kinda threw a fit saying "forget it, that's not what I am asking, you obviously don't understand". I dunno what to do. I've told her she needs to just relax and stop comparing everything to how I was treated and how she's being treated. It's so frustrating when someone makes you feel bad about doing a good job at work.

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To the first part of your post: if you can't get him on the phone leave him a message, asking if he's avoiding you, but also let him know you think of him as a brother, and would hate to see your friendship come to an end without knowing what the issue was.


To the second part: by your own admission she is one of their best workers there, perhaps to the level of your own abilities, yet she isn't being given the same opportunities you were. Sounds like she feels like she is being discriminated against. It also sounds like she's not trying to make you feel bad, but instead trying to get someone to emphathize with her.

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I've told my friend he's like a brother to me and left him numerous messages telling him that we should hang out since it's been a while but I am going to leave him a message let him know that we need to work on things.


And to the second post I do emphatize with her but there are certain things about her that make it difficult to give her responsibility. She wants the responsibility and I am afraid the people that work with her think that she would whine about it after wards if she did'nt like it. So what I do. I want to be there for her cause I do understand, I myself am baffled to why they won't let her have more responsibility.

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