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Please help someone who would like advice

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Hello. I'll try to make it short. I have been married a little over 3 years. I Moved out in Spring and we are still going over the lawyer stuff.

I was fine the past few months and recently I know it's coming closer and I don't really want a divorce. We have no kids. We don't fight that much and many times it's over little things. We had a couple times talked about us, that those 2 times weren't going so great. I guess I am a bad listener also, need to improve on that. She wants out also, and said she isn't happy anymore, that this would be better. Spoke to her recently and told her I would like to work on it before the divorce is final. I asked if there was still a chance, even a little and she said it may be to late. We will talk again next week to talk a few minor things over still about the place but I truly don't want to lose her. She said maybe there is a right guy and girl out there for us both, but the chemistry doesn't happenb with someone all too often. We had it and it started fading. Need any kind of help or guidance if possible. I would agree to seek help, not sure if she is willing to try also.

I'm on my last legs, and truly want to try to work this out, maybe we should have sought help when it wsa early, but I said I didn't need it, now I think we do.

Thanks much and have a great day

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I think you need to be realistic and understand that you two as a couple don't 'click', lack of communication has been the death stab to your relationship. Any relationship where the couples can't communicate is bound to lead to unsatisfying results, in which the partners are in dismay with eachother. You might want to give it a salvation effort, but take my advice LISTEN to her, solve her complaints that she has about you so that satisfaction may take place in the back of her head, so peace may return. ONLY put love and light into the relationship. Love her ,help her out remember small arguments act like poison, adding darkness and hatred ruining the relationship that you have. thereforeeee be sure to only put love and light into her life on a continues basis. Did she go with you so you could make her unhappy? Or did you go with her so you could neglect her? Of course not, couples are supposed to make eachother happy!

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I am praying she thinks this out over the weekend, and gives it 1 more try, if that doesn't work, I will say let's go our own way. When you spend time apart from someone you really get a chance to think on your own, and see all the positives outway the negatives. Listening is a huge part, and I fault both of us. It's sad to see her wanting out more than me now and before it was mutaul between us. She said she gave me chances and I never knew it would come to this.


Thanks again

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