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Hi there


I've been feeling so proud of myself I thought I'd tell people . I saw my ex's sister and her sisters' b/f unexpectedly in a bar the other evening. now the last time I saw them there it was about 3 months ago and I couldn't handle it I had to leave and went home miserable( they didn't see me). Anyways this time I walked tall and strode over to them sat down and started talking to them - at first they said they didn't recognise me ( ) I wear contacts now and am in much better shape, smile more too. I felt confident was chatty and friendly asking how they were doing I was pretty funny too. They seemed to miss me and it was good to actually talk to them we didn't really have much of a relationship when I was going out with the ex. Now all this wasn't an act i really did feel completely myself and i realised that this is who I am now, on my own without her and its great.

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im getting to your stage where when i think about my ex that the pain is not always there.. i dont lose my breath over her anymore. Ive been keeping myself busy. One thing i must admit though is that ive been happier then i am now


but no worries, ill take this time alone to connect with myself on a deeper level.


Im happy for you... gives me hope on how i will be in 2 months from now.



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