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I know I walk around with me head held high

But the truth is inside my sad heart cries

She's so far from me now and its all for her good

Why cant I be happy, things aren't as they should


People pass by with wide smiles and vibrant hello

And I cant help but wonder why the hell are they so melo

In a slum right now, not feeling so well

But I mask my melancholy so no one can tell


Now life isn't so grand without her around

Pass rock bottom now much lower than ground

How do I do it day in day out

Hold my chest high and walk with seem less doubt


But I hope she is happy and living life to its fullest

'Cause I'd sacrifice my own for her to have the best

So on I'll go with this charade and smile when I don't feel like it

All the best to you my dare, I miss you and sadness, I'll fight it.

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