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Dim (another free verse!)


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Lone soul at a dim street light,

Quietly gathers raging thoughts.

Internal chaos, external tranquility,

False guise of reluctance.

The sky is clear, the stars shine,

air in a stillness which lies beneath

the wonderous mind of a troubled being.


Question humanity, philisohpical discernment,

Turning towards warped circuits,

To discover forgotten memories.

Retrospective point of view,

hidden disputes deeper than consciousness.

dimmed lights magnify brighter sorrows.

Remorse is for the weak.


Empty streets, broken dreams;

Diminishes motivation to achieve.

This lost soul finds warmth,

under this aged, dimmed light.

Steadily breathing his toxic smoke.

It calms the nerves, soothes the spirits.

Disparity between mind and body.


Now recollecting disputes within,

accepting things which cannot be altered.

Determination to metamorphose that which can.

Now standing alone under this light,

Unearthed the roots of hardship.

Finding the warmth within the darkness.

This soul, no longer desolate.



***Another cold night walk inspiration***

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