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Okay, so tonight, I fed him, and he conked out. I woke him up after he had slept for about half an hour, and put him in a nice warm bath in a nice warm room. He did start crying, but it wasn't the world-is-going-to-end crying. More like how-dare-you-wake-me crying. While he was calm, I kept pouring the water over his stomach and singing and talking to him. He seemed not to mind too much. When I brought him into his bedroom to get him dressed, he started hollering though... I forgot to close the air conditioning vent in there, so I'm sure he was cold. He's all cuddled up right now though.

sounds like you are doing great! (although I never would have woke up my babies, but my kids weren't all that great of sleepers so they were always awake when they needed to be)


Also, he doesn't have a pooping schedule. Since he came home from the NICU 3 weeks ago, he has been very irregular. His doctor told me to give him dark Karo syrup to help him go, and that worked a few times, but at this point he hasn't gone since Saturday. I'm calling his doctor tomorrow about it. Anyway... no pooping schedule. He's not much of a pooper.

my kids have digestive disease, so I am probably a little paranoid, it could be 100% normal, but just in case write down and keep a input/outgo diary, that way if it becomes a problem you have some records for the doctor to look at, it could save the kid some testing.


Oh, and in addition to the Karo, do the little bicycle motion with the babies legs while it's on it's back, it helps move things around.




oh, and that is a genuine cute baby, not like I tell people their kids are cute to make them feel good, that baby is actually cute

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To southerngirl: For some reason, my son doesn't like the massages. I thought he might. I think I'll try it this winter when it's good and warm in the house, that might be part of the problem. I think he just doesn't like being naked, period. He usually cries or fusses whenever I change his diaper, and definitely always cries when I change his clothes. I had never heard of the elbow test for baths. I have a little rubber ducky with a thermometer attached to its butt that lets me know if the water is too hot. I'll have to try the elbow thing though.


To helpme2 - he had a GIANT blowout this morning. 5 wipes and 2 baths blowout. Seriously disgusting. I chased my husband through the house with him... I'm so mature. My poor kid's covered in poop, and I'm threatening my husband with him. Anyway... he eats pretty consistently at 3 ounces every 4 hours, but I'm definitely going to strictly monitor his pooping on a calendar from now on.


Thanks, everyone, for the compliments. I really appreciate it - I'm so proud of him for what he's endured so far and it's nice to hear nice things about him... because I think them all the time!

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That sounds so funny chasing your husband with the poopie baby! I do that with nasty diapers haha... Sounds like he hadnt gone because he was saving up for the 'mother load' of all nasty diapers. The worst is when it is an explosive poop... up the back of the shirt, out the sides of the diaper... U know... just everwhere! That happened to me a few times with this one.


Funniest was when my husband was changing the babies diaper when he was smaller and he peed and it went all over him.. I laughed and laughed. I said you have been christianed now lmao

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Now if one of you folks could help me get my grandson to pee in the toilet instead of on his blanket/carpet...My daughter is at her wits end. He started out being o.k. to sit on the potty...now if we ask him he says NOOOOOOOO!




do you get the feeling he is afraid of the potty, or is it a rebel thing?


I give different advice for each.

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I think he is a little afraid. I also think he doesn't like being watched. Yesterday he woke up, went and got a diaper and a wipee and said "mommy, I did poopie" and handed her the diaper and wipee! I can tell when he is "working" on a bowel movement....


My daughter potty trained herself when she was only 16 mos old...I have no experience with the male equipment.


so, maybe he needs a little potty chair (they aren't as scary as the big potty) and a little privacy, surely he can't get into too much trouble if she is just outside the door.........

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My son (2 months old) FLIPS OUT during baths. Does anyone have any tips on keeping him calm, other than wear earplugs and go quickly?


Poor kid... he just got out of the bathtub and I've got him wrapped in a blanket and he's looking imploringly at me... I have a big guilt complex anyway. He was born 11 weeks early and spent 8 weeks in the NICU, so seeing him so distressed really bums me out. I've tried doing it before feedings, after feedings, while he's wide awake, when he's just woken up, full immersion, sponge baths... He still just loses his mind.


Any tips are appreciated!



My daughter did the same, it just feels weird to them!


Ive found since becoming a parent youve just got to persevere and it stops like the colic, sleepless nights etc etc

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Hi I know it seems kind of a simple solution but try either holding his tiny hand while you bathe him or give him something to hold on to.. like a washcloth or something dry and soft. Babies feel very unprotected when they are layed in orfer to be bathed. Give it a try, It was something my mom told me to do with my son (he is now 2) and it worked wonderfully. Right now, My boy loves bathtime I even have a hard time taking him out of the tub!


Hope it helps!

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Now if one of you folks could help me get my grandson to pee in the toilet instead of on his blanket/carpet...My daughter is at her wits end. He started out being o.k. to sit on the potty...now if we ask him he says NOOOOOOOO!




Make the potty a fun place until he gets used to it. Give him a new toy to play with or get the crayons and a colouring book out. Don't tell him this is what he will get for sitting there as he could use it to his advantage so to speak, just make it something that happens as he is sitting there.


Make a big fuss when he has done the biz on it WoooHoo, mummy is soooo pleased with you and make no fuss when he doesn't.

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