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Ab Excercise

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Hey does anyone have a link where I can see the proper way of doing Knee-ups? I dont know if I'm doing them right just by reading the explanation for them cause I really dont feel anything in my abs. Like it says to have your knees bent and to use your lower abs to bring your knees to your chest. I can easily bring my knees to my chest. Thats why I'm not sure if I am doing them right. So I'm hopping someone here has a link that shows the proper technique thanks.

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wow thats nothing like the way my book describes them lol, this is what my book says:


Lie down with both feet on the ground and knees bent. Use your lower abs to pull both knees to the chest. Pause, return, and repeat.


lol says nothing about straightening your legs and bringing your upperbody forward stupid book lol.


Thanks for the link

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