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Heyyy I am one of the happiest girls ever today I am FINALLY over him. I hope ya all are proud 'cos I am!


It just hit me last night. I was out i town clubbing with my mates for 2 of my friends 18th birthdays and he was in town with his friends and he walked passed me a few times but I just ignored him and then I got into the club an he text me saying "I wish you weren't in town, you shouldn't be, I'm sick of seeing you just stop following me!"


I was sooo annoyed because he KNEW I was out in town for birthdays and he told me he was away for rugby. So I replied saying "Well 1. I have as much right to be there as you do 2. You knew I was in town and 3. Don't you dare speak to me like that just leave me alone."


I then deleted his number out of my phone and just forgot him and had a really good night!! I deserve better. He can't rule my life, I can go where I want when I want and it's got nothing to do with him! He is unbelivable!!


Then he text me this morning saying "Sorry I was just annoyed to see you everywhere I went lol", I just deleted it and didn't reply.


It feels like I'm free. He can't do anything to me anymore and after that last night it's made me lose any feelings that I had left for him


I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yeah! Good for you! I know exactly how you feel. It's very liberating isn't it? And it's excellent when they try to get your attention and make out that they are over you when they clearly aren't. It's good until they just don't give up and then it just gets annoying!

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Good for you!!! You deserve to be happy. I know how you're feeling because I'm at the point as well where I'm so happy my ex is out of my life. After all the crap he did to me, I know I deserve better. So do you!


No more crying, no more hoping he will return, no more wishing he would just love me again...I am grateful he left me! Go out, have some fun and eventually, you will find "him" Take care!

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