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How to regain trust with Girlfriend


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Hi I need some advice on how I can go about regaining trust with my girlfriend. Over the last few months we have been on rocky ground as we had discussed marrige and she wasn't sure after being the main driving force for so long. I decided that it was going no where as she was still keeping me around as she decided what she wanted. So I said that we should break it off for a while.


We are now back together and things were really good. But the first night after our break I went out with some mates and got drunk. I got speaking to a girl and she gave me her phone number but I didn't ask for it. But I still took it never wanting anything to ever happen. But it was nice to know that someone was interested. I called her a few days later as it was someone that I may bump into again and appoligised for taking her number and I am not looking for anything.


When me and my girlfriend got back together she asked if someone tried to pick me up and I said yes (she isn't worried about that). But later she found out that I called her also and now she is upset that I lied to her and how does she know that more didn't happen. I believe some of these trust issues come from her previous BF who cheated on her and she now compares me to him. She also believes I shouldn't have taken her number and why would I have to call her.


What should I do to prove I am not like her Ex-BF and prove that I am not lying? Any help would be great.

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I see a lot of red-flags with your girlfriend.


As I understand it, you didn't lie to her. You might have not shared the full details of what happened, but you certainly didn't break her trust.


If I read your post correctly, you called this girl while you two were broken up. If thats so, I don't think you did anything wrong. You admited that someone picked you up when asked, even though your gf had NO RIGHT to ask that question of you.


Your girlfriend is the one with trust issues, not you.


As for you taking her number, you two were broken up, what you did was your own business.

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Yes I did only call this girl while we were broken up and I did tell my girlfriend that I was not interested. I guess me taking the number was only an ego thing. It was a boost there knowing that someone was interested. But she doesn't see it that way.


And as for us being broken up. She just says to me how would I feel if it was the same way around. I had said I would be upset but there wasn't much that I could do about it when we are on a break.


She is in contact with her EX-BF on occasions and she tells me that this is different.


It makes it difficult to communicate when she has such a firey personality I am very calm.


If there are any suggestions about how to reassure her that she could trust me though? If she does have trust issues because of her EX it still means I have a problem.

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"That she has been open with that. And that this is someone new".


The more I think about it the more stupid it sounds.


And the ex is someone she slept with, while the girl you called is merely someone you met at a bar, and spoke to on the phone. Which is more personal... you tell me.


doesnt sound like you did anything wrong to me. tell her what happened, how you feel and then if this conflict continues id wonder what else may start creating conflicts out of nothing later on.

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