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Temporary insanity - In regards to me "revenge" post

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If you look for my post titled "Revenge" you can easily see I as at one of those relapse areas that we go through from time to time, I thought about getting revenge for the longest time and have decided against it, for 1 I don't want to accidently hurt anybody, also I have gotten a few provate messages from somebody who was in the same state as me and could relate, so I am sorry if I scared anybody, for 1 this is probably not as bad as being behind bars, and secondly, it would terminaye any chance of ever getting back if it was meant to be in the future

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You made a wise decision i hope you stick with it. You see, if one gives a swing to the wheel of hatred, and the person affected decided to give another swing to that wheel of hatred, the hatred will go on forever, and only evil will win. You are the one who decides when it stops for you yourself.

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