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Can someone help??


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Hey Guys!! Sooo annoyed after reading that bird thread!! I really had it down! I did the NC thing and he panicked and started ringing me non stop! Was never too available and when we started talking was always cheery but slightly cold with him! He wanted to try again and then bang!! I buggered up and got too emotional with him accusing him of playing mind games etc. and he backed right off!


Then I sent him a letter and he said he'd moved on but he'd be willing to talk! Had to meet him to get some things only for half hour and in that time I was really happy, cool with him and looked really good! He asked me to go to a festival with him and his best friend and girlfriend. As soon as we said bye I got on my train and he went to get his, as soon as he was on his he called me, I missed it and called back half hour later all hyper cause I was going out and he sounded really miserable and asked me some stupid question because he obviously felt stupid for phoning. That was the last we spoke but we are still in contact by text over bills.


I know everyone will say he's said he's moved on and I should too. I will..honestly! But just wondered how I should play things cause I can't do NC cause we still have 12 months worth bills to pay and he's really forgetful and keep having to remind him constantly (really annoying) Any ideas would be really appreciated!! xxxx

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