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Lol. I apologize if the title sounds like a Bring It On movie.

But anyhow. It's only a matter of 2 weeks, before school starts again. And i'll be seeing him again. I've been away from home all summer, so i havent really seen anyone from school or anything, so today a few of us are gonna go see a movie. What that has to do with anything I dont know, im just rambling on.

During the end of the year lastyear, Zach suddenly stopped talking to me, and I eventually gave up on him..and I can say that I was finally over him. But with school starting so soon, I've recently started thinking about him again, and I'm a little afraid that this year is just going to play out like last year. I'm not sure if seeing him again is gonna bring back all those feelings for him after being away from him for so long, or make things worse.

Has anyone here ever gotten over someone, then when they saw or were around that person again, they started getting feelings all over again for them?

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I think everyone who has feeling left in their body has felt and lost and then wished for it back. Given the chance, half of the break-up storys on here probably would have gone back to their ex no matter how rough the break-up.


It isn't uncommon, but it isn't all that smart if you were hurt badly before. You are young, take your intuition yelling "NOOOOOOOO" at you as a sign and move on to the next fish in the sea....


and Good Luck!

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