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my first time - helpful advice needed


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me and jack have not been dating long. however i feel soo comfortable and safe with him. i am lucky to have him. i am a virgin but he is experienced.


i want to have sex with him and we have talked about it but i am nervous as to how to go about it he says its a turn on when a girl takes the lead.


i am not shy when it comes to foreplay. sometimes i initiate it. we have made out naked and have done foreplay like that but we have never had sex and i am nervous about it all.


he has gone down on me a lot and i have given him blowjobs but when it comes to intercourse i just need some helpful advice about it. any advice will do to help me in my first time. i am asking because i know that is not far off for us in our relationship and i dont want to look like an idiot.


any comments welcome.



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My tip is to talk about it together as a couple out of the bedroom first so you can figure out how you both feel etc. Rather than making any decisions based on hormones in the bedroom. I think you will feel a lot more comfortable when it happens this way too.

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