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Dreaming of somebody else


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Hi everyone! This may not be a big deal but it's bothering me a lot. There's this guy from my class that had been constantly in my dreams. Nothing sexual though. I'm currently in a relationship, and it just bothers me that this guy had been in my dreams more than my bf ever did. I have never talked to this guy whatsoever. So I guess my question is whether my dreams meant anything or nothing at all. Is there anybody who can give me an insight regarding this? It will really be appreciated.

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hey jaded.

firstly, if its bothering you, than its probably a bigger deal than you think it is. hmm, well no one can really tell you whether that has any meaning or not. I mean, some people think dreams are nonsense and others think that dreams mean the world. I, personally, think that dreams reflect your state of mind.


i don't think there is anything truly significant to be gotten out of you dreaming about another boy. i'm majoring in psychology and i can tell you that subconscious stimuli can affect us in many many ways that we can't even begin to describe.


i don't want to give you a lecture...but to summarize it all...there are three states of the mind: conscious [the thoughts you deal with], preconscious [the thoughts you can deal with if you try...ie: whats the name of your mom?] and the subconscious [the thoughts that you don't process but are there]. Maybe subconsciously your brain has noticed that boy and dreams try to make sense of whats in our conscious, preconscious and subconscious mind.


The brain is a tricky thing kiddo...even if you've never talked to that boy, maybe your brain has subconsciously noticed him and that's why you're having dreams about him...


if i were you, i wouldn't make too big of a deal about them...you're in a relationship that you're happy with...so live on...don't bother too much about the subconscious world when you've got a happy conscious one [= !




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Hi jaded,


Welcome to eNotAlone!


I am not much at recalling dreams but have day-dreamed about other women while being in a relationship. In hindsight, something was lacking in the relationship at the time and being younger at that time, young-guys hormones contributed to all of that.


Thus i suggest that you consider your current relationship and determine what you are longing for. If you post your thoughts here, we may provide more input.

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Hi Jaded


I am going to agree with Allie. More than likely it is nothing. I still have dreams of other people. Sometimes they reflect things that are going on in my life, sometimes they echo movies/books/TV shows I've recently watched (but substituting in people who I know). The subconscious is a funny thing.


IMHO, the dreams mean nothing. ( I could give you many tales of weirdo dreams like you are having)

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