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Ms. Babydoll

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As I lay my head on my pillow at night

Loneliness quietly crawls inside

I close my eyes and vision you

Laying right by my side


I'm longing endlessly for your touch

Needing you more than I need my next breath

Wanting to kiss you whenever you are near

Longing to understand your love at a intimate depth


It feels like forever since we were last intimate

And my heart grows weaker by the day

I'd kill to taste your tantalising lips

And make all my worries float away


I dream of your touch and it kills me

My heart aches for you so badly

I find myself thinking of you every second of every minute

I realise now I've fallen for you so deeply


As I look at you from a distance

I'm still ever so amazed at what I see

You are flawless in my eyes

And I wish so much you'd hear me


Hear my silent calls

Calling you to come and kiss me senseless

Waiting for our next chance of intimacy

Is like waiting for imaginary bliss

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Thanks Ms. Babydoll.


You're beautiful in ever way

Adorable in every sway

Motionless you're still incredible

Every word you speak is unforgettable


Your voice like sugar melting in the sun

Your smile always creates sexy fun

Hands so strong, yet so soft with every touch

Your blue eyes furiously teasing, making me blush


Defensive and tough

You like playing rough

Gracious and slow

You allow our love to grow


I've found where I belong

You are in every direction

I can't escape your over powering love

For you are perfection

Those are all great. I read some to my gf, she likes this one a lot.


For how long you write poems if I may ask?

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