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Butt exercises????????????

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Well I just found out my boyfriends favorte body part on a girl is her butt! and mine needs help!!! I'm not gonna see him for a couple months so I wanna get toned up before he comes here! lol. I know everyone says "squats" but how exactly do you do them?? (I've heard so many different ways!) AND is there any OTHER butt work outs that you guys have found helpful??? please share!!!! thanx

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Yes...squats. There ARE different ways to do them. You can do them with weight, without weight, with an exercise ball held in front of you, with a bar, with dumbells, on a machine....


Lunges and walking lunges are awesome too....your butt will feel it when you do them. Grab some light weights and walk forward with one leg dropping knee down (but not past your foot), then walk forward with the other one...etcetera.


I hate telling people HOW to do weights or specific exercises on here because it is rather unsafe to do so, without being able to see your form and so on. I would advise you actually go to a personal training session so they can make sure you are doing it right...this is important to prevent injury and to be effective.


Of course, doing the stair stepper, cycling and running can all help your butt and legs tone up too. Plus you need the cardio or you will just get a stronger...but bigger butt...as you need to make sure you are also burning fat. Don't forget though we also have butt genetics..some butts are just rounder than others, some people have 'flat butt', as women we tend to store more fat in that area too. You can work WITH those genetics, but it's pretty difficult to work against them. But that is fine, there are men whom love butts in all shapes and sizes..lol.


And, it does take time to build and develop muscle and tone, do don't expect it to happen overnight, but you will notice some tightening after a couple weeks.

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there is one I do, it sounds silly, but it is targeted specifically for your gluts. we do these in bellydance practice.


sit on the floor with your legs in a "V" straight back, and lean forward a bit. alternate tensing your glutes. right, left, right, left. then, right right, left left, right right, left left. Don't use your leg muscles, just your glutes to squeeze! If you have a mirror, you can see what is going on.

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I do 30 mins 3-4x a week on a PreCor ellptical machine like this one: link removed (it's what they have at the gym we go to)


I do the interval training program which is basically 2 mins low step (crossramp level 4) and 2 mins high step (crossramp level 10) at a resistance of about 7.


After several mos. doing that my butt, backs of my thighs and calves got very solid.

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All good stuff.


Running up hills. Get some gorgeous legs out of the deal, too. Stairs work too.

This stuff is fun. I like to compete with myself or others to keep it going.


Squeezing your butt muscles when standing in line, waiting, sitting, whatever. It does help. You can work on your abs this way too. Added bonus: beats boredom and can calm me down when I am nervously awaiting something.

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Just stand by the power rack and have one of the people that know how to squat critique your form and give you pointers as to how to do them. Nothing will beat a combination of squats and your preferred variation of deadlifting for improving your backside look.


Your butt and legs will do more than look better. You will have a power you have never felt before and so will your man!

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well,... i calso have a flat butt. i heard you can do weightlifts. here are some:


Lie down on your hands and knees. Put a weight in between your legs and lift up. Do 20 reps. Repeat on the other leg. Can be done without weight. However, more effective results with weight. Im a few weeks, you’lll notice a greater butt. Even if you have a small butt, it’ll look just as great as a big butt, for it will be, well… LIFTED.


To do so, you need a three to five ppound weight (use a weight that work for you) but I find three to five pounds works best. Lie on a mat or firm ground and place the weight on your lower stomach. Clench your butt muscles and lift to the ceiling with your hands behind your head. Make sure not to strain yourself and use only the butt muscles to lifet; not your back! Do about 30 reps.


The deadlift*


The deadlift is performed generally by bending at the knees and grasping a barbell in front of you. Wear a weight belt for this exercise. Lift with the legs as you stand and straighten the back once standing. Perform high reps with less weight to really work the bottom.



hopefully, it works for you and me. lol.

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