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Been with my bf for 4 years and we split up (again) 3 days ago.


I lovedhim to bits thought he was my soul mate. We had some brilliant times but he had some health issues (anxiety and ocd- obsessive compulsive disorder) and it made it so difficult to keep going. Because of ocd he had to stop sleeping over and I found this change really difficult to a just too, I just wanted things back the way they were. Also we want different things. I wanted to settle down but he wanted to pursue his dream of acting.


Feeling really low , just want everything back where it was but he doesn't want that - I feel so sad and lonely. How do I move on? How do I ever get over this? Want to hear his voice but he doesn't want to be with me - how can I stop the pain??


Thanks for any help

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oh darling, I'm sorry.

When you miss him, distract yourself. hobbie, friends, family, nature. focus on something else & trust that everything happens for a reason. don't let your sorrow steal your day.

Time is the only thing that heals the pain, in time every feeling will start to fade.

hang in there, stay strong, everything will work out.

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Hello. OCD is a terribly debilitating illness, your ex has a lot of healing to do, but as you know at this moment all you have to worry about is yourself and being okay even if you feel very sad.


Missing the ex, the things you shared with him and the relationship in general is unavoidable, specially in a long relationship like the one you had, but time helps a lot, same as keeping yourself busy.


Stay strong, the first days are the hardest but you are not alone.

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Time, time and more time. That's all you need. That's all any or us need despite all the posturing, complaints, conflicts, crying, etc we put ourselves through. 35 is still VERY young. Hang in there cause it does get better and you WILL go on to meet someone better who doesnt have OCD.




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flower - I think I do need to get busier. I've really busy at work but it's the weekend that I dread. It will be so different without him.


stolenshadow - I've found some great support on here. I'm really angry with myself because I sent him a text on Wednesday and it made me look pathetic. Sadder that he didn'e respond to it so I feel like he's not hurting.


orlander - thanks for this. I worry that I won't ever meet anyone and the thought of starting over terrifies me. I suppose this is only natural.


Guys thanks so much for your support I'm going to try and keep busy this weekend and just keep going. Take Care

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