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Where Do I Go From Here?


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I mentioned in a previous post that my bf and i were going "on a break" til the start of the new term in september...


well he called about 2 weeks ago at midnight, it was a great conversation like the ones we used to have and i was really happy to hear from him.

But towards the end he said that he didnt want to get back together after the hols and likes being single, it hurt but wasnt shocked - he's said that before.


So ive initiated NC, a first for me, and he has been calling a quite a lot since friday night and i've managed to avoid picking up the phone.


Im not mad at him anymore, just really disappointed that he would rather break up with me everytime we come accross a problem and make up later once he's forgotten about it.


I would do anything for him and would love to be with him again but i dont want to be made to walk on eggshells just waiting for him end it all again over something that could be sorted by talking.


Should i keep up the NC til i see him again?


thanks everyone

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