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Update on Baby Mama Drama


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For those of you who responded to my baby mama drama yesterday thank you!


So the deal was my boyfriends' daughter's Mom has decided to leave her current Man, the father of her new baby, and wants to re-kindle her friendship with boyfriend. He was honest with me about this, expalined how he is crazy about me, but can't turn his back on her now and wants to be there for her.


So immeditaly I thought of every horrible scenario imaginable and got upset. Not yelling or anything, but said to him I didn't know if i could do this...but he's the best thing that has even happened to me and i think that feeling is VERY mutual.


So i find out last night he told her my reaction, and she said she wants to see him happy and won't call or see him anymore and they will communicate about the child through thier parents.


I do not want this!! So I grew some balls and asked him to ask her if i could call her.


I did, we talked, and it went well. I explained I want them to have a good parenting relationship for their daughter, and want a relationship of some kind between her and I. I also explained that as far as their friendship goes, I'm okay with it as long as she keeps in mind how i might feel if she were me. She agreed.


This was a HUGE step for me...but I couldn't have done it without all your responses yesterday...thank you!!

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Sounds like it was a great conversation, I am proud of you for taking that step to call her, and to ALSO encourage a parental relationship directly between them (rather then through THEIR parents). That was VERY level headed of you, and I hope your bf appreciates how caring that also was towards him, and his child.

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Oh my gosh! GOOD JOB!!!


I can't believe how good that seemed to go, and it was VERY mature of you!


If I was her, I would think very highly of you.


He seems to be a very sweet guy and put your feelings first, that's awesome!


totally agree!


Congratulations, that was very big of you & i'm sure really appreciated.


Glad to hear things went so well

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