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I hate to admit it, but awhile back, I was behaving like your (hopefully) soon to be ex. My situation seems like it was very different (he was emotionally abusive and an alcoholic and drug addict) and I was young and felt I had no one else to turn to. I became co-dependent, VERY co-dependent. I couldn't do anything without this guy, except go to work. I always went to work on time, but there were times when he was having a breakdown or whatever, and I had to miss work to make sure he didn't do something stupid. For some stupid reason, I felt I needed him. I guess it's because I hated my life. It sounds like your gf really needs some counselling, and though I think that your relationship has hit rock bottom, she's still on her way down. I hope that she can turn around and swim back up before she loses her rep, her job, house, and well, everything. I'm ashamed admitting that I acted the way she is now, but I guess this way you can kind of see the other side of the story (as well as the other repliers on here) As an example, I worked an early morning shift (5 am-1:30 PM) and I had to be in bed by 9-10 each night to get enough sleep. My ex was a night person, and would leave to go be with his friends around the time I had to go to sleep. Sometimes I would just feel so desperately lonely, and I would beg him to stay home, even though I would be sleeping. I guess because he paid no attention to me when I was awake and at home. But that was the worst feeling in the world. Clinging to an illusion of a healthy relationship was torture. Anyways, it's not about me. Just trying to give you an outside perspective. I think with you leaving, she may hit rock bottom. But one thing is for sure, she definitely needs help, and you cannot enable her any more. Maybe write her a letter, so you don't have to deal with her interrupting you and draining your energy while she goes all passive-aggressive on you. I hope everything works out for you, and I'm here if you need an ear

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tell her you feel shes being too clingy and you need some breathing room. not a break, but just the ability to go out and have a beer after work if you choose without her freaking out. shes your girl, not your keeper... she needs to recognize that. also i would be a little put off by the constant 'you dont want my baby' fits. When yer ready yer ready... tell her that always crying about it isnt going to change that.


no kissing or hanging out alone with the old girlfriend either until you break up with your current girl. Dont be a cheater.

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