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plan backfired...


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It was suggested by many that I just ask out my friend and I will see if she likes me back. So I asked her to the movies and she said yes and then shes like "im inviting this person and person" and then things changed and all of a sudden I had to go somewhere and she went with two of her other girlfriends. The next day shes like after work do you want to come downtown with me and my family (by the way we are both 17) to this festival thing, IF i dont have my music recital today and I was like sure. Then that got cancelled and she had a music recital and she invited me there and I was ok. Then that got cancelled again and then her parents didn't want to go downtown anymore so she wasn't allowed to go alone either and the day ended with me staying home.


I was really pissed just because of these two days. Now I'm thinking I'm just gonna ask her friend whether she likes me back or w/e. The only problem is that the friend I'm gonna ask (her bestfriend) is the one I liked before and she said she just wanted to be friends.


Well what do you think about this situation....The more I think about it, I think whether I even really need a relationship but then I don't know there is just so much other stuff going on in my life, schools starting soon, Im working full time this summer so i've been there most of the time and just everythin...


AND today I talked to her online and it was one msg here and then a while later another one and then it wasn't like before. Though im guessing this is normal for people, to be on and off again. Like being in the mood to talk and not being in the mood.

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I think what is essentially going wrong here is that you have to ask her out SPECIFICALLY on a Romantic date. So no invitation of other friends,family, you see you need to do it so so that the 'disturbing' factors are left out, you can see it that your only being harassed by all these things that meddle in your ways, you have to be a tad flexible in your thinking, but it has to be 'just you and her' make this CLEAR to her, that its something on a romantic level and not public for all and everyone to jump in. So keep things separated, try again, and tell us what happened.

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