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Disappearing Act!!


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My ex broke up with me 7 weeks ago and in the last few weeks i've seen a lot more of her and have been hanging out with her. She calls me and wants to hang out. I want to get back together with her but I am not sure if she wants to and if I am just reading the signals wrong.


Is it time I do a bit of a disappaearing act and do Low contact??? I've called her once since we've broken up and she's asked to hang out with me a couple of times and I've asked once. She told me the other night when we went to a party that she missed me and missed seeing me and hanging out with me.


Any suggestions and takes on this will be much appreciated.

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next time she gets in touch with you, tell her you want to go NC for a while to straighten out your thoughts. Tell her you need space to think and that this current intermittent contact is hurting you.

Don't tell her how long you intend to be NC -keep it open. Then disappear, play it mysterious and if she contacts you during that time, decide on a case by case basis if to respond or not. You do not want to be rude after all.


Good luck.


There will be a time after a while (after you both have some space) where it is necessary to get closure OR if she really is trying to make contact - to ask her to be straightforward and only to be in touch if she was serious about discussing getting back together.

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