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No emotions....please help

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I have been having a lot of emotion problems lately. Basically.. I dont feel any negitive feelings at all. Let me explain some...


One of my friends helped me to figure this much out...


I guess while I was younger my emotions and feelings were never treated that good... whenever i tried to express myself or let negitive emotions out... i got in trouble, yelled at, or something. Eventually it turned into me crying myself to sleep everynight when I was younger... and I would hide them from people and not talk to people about my emotions.


So now I continue to block negitive emotions... but its starting to get really bad. I can not feel ANYTHING no matter what I do lately. I've been trying to make myself cry or something just so I can feel something... but I cant. I've been trying to watch sad movies...listening to sad music... thinking of sad things... but i just sit their.


Yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend of three years... because i cant feel. I cant even tell if i love him anymore.... ive been nothing but a cold hearted {Mod Edit} to him and I feel no regret, guilt, sadness, anything that i should be feeling...


this is really starting to get out of hand...


I guess i am just wondering if anybody has any advice... any websites... any way to get my feelings back or something...


please help

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You definitely have the ability to have emotions, but you have consciously suppressed them, subconsciously they are still there. I think you have some deep-rooted trauma from childhood and I would suggest counseling to work on it, because being emotionless will definitely hinder your progress in life. Imagine having the most adoring child and not being able to love him/her. It needs to stop now, you need to solve this now and not in the future. I have practiced what you are doing too. When I was raped, I acted like absolutely nothing happened, I was back at work the very next day, I was happy, and I convinced myself so much that was the case. I went 3 yrs where it never effected me until now, it has hit me hard. That little black box of emotions that you and I hold hidden will open up, and the sight isn't that pretty. Get some counseling ASAP.

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I've got the exact same problem. To be completely honest i thought i was the only one. For me, feeling sad is like a sneeze that never comes. I can say "yes i was about to sneeze" but i can't really know what it feels like. The only truly sad thing i can think of is if my dog or cat died, it's harsh but true. Recently my grandmother died and i didnt feel a speck of sadness, although i know i should have. I knew it was unfortunate, and that it wasnt a good thing. But honestly i didnt feel sad about it.

The only emotions i really feel it seems are excitement, anger, and happyness.

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Hi amylyn,


I grew up in an abusive home. I had that too. For example when my dad passed away 32 years ago, it was just another day.


I think one can adapt to too much negativity by trying to shut down feelings. Obviously, this is not healthy and does not work at all in any relationship and friendship.


What to do,


Write/type all that ever hurt your, ridicule, abuse. Perhaps that can make you cry again and starting to heal. Post it if you like and/or go to a counselor with it.


Also reading here helps and giving advice helps me too to resolve the past. Sometimes with wet eyes that is.

... The only truly sad thing i can think of is if my dog or cat died, it's harsh but true. ...

Humans are harsh to each other, or the problem would not exist in the first place.


You see that you can have feelings, work on resolving your pain, it works!

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I think everybody comes to a stage in their lives where they feel completely empty. It may be for a reason or maybe they have no idea why such as in your case.

I like to look at it as maybe your soul is giving you a sign that it is time you turn over a new leaf. Maybe make some new friends, find new hobbies, even a new partner, possibly all those things could help you feel again. All the things you are holding onto from the past have probably played a part in your life/emotions so much it has come to a point where you areso used to feelings different and empty, a new start is probably something you really need, anyway that's just my opinion on the matter, all I can say is goodluck

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