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Heart broken and lost. Please help

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I am so broken hearted. I loved someone and I let him slip away. I rarely ever see him again and think at this point he may like someone else. If only I wasn't so afraid to tell him I loved him as more than a friend.. things could've changed.


But he's moving away to go to school and I'm stuck hear heart broken.


I've never felt so lifeless and painful at the same time. i have no appetite, and never stop thinking about this person. I don't know how I will ever get over him. It doesn't help that I am also very stressed out lately.


I feel like I don't know where I belong anymore, things have gotten so messed up this summer (one of my best friends cheated on another of my best friends and I got stuck in the middle.. I won't get too in depth.). And I feel so worthless and unloved.


I've tried everything. Comfort food doesn't appeal to me (loss of appetite) I can't seem to distract my mind. I do a lot of things but still can't distract my mind from him. I don't know what to do.


Can you ever get over the person you're in love with?

Do you only fall in love once in your life?

Can you be in love with someone who doesn't love you back?

Is there any way to get over him?


Idk what to do anymore...

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This is incredible. All the views to this post and yet no one had the decency to answer .. well.. ill try my best lol


Ill answer your questions first..



We never 'get over' the people were in love with, because thier always thier in our memories. we just forget them. If you love this guy i think you should track him down and tell him how you feel. It may put your mind at rest And help with your loss of appetite. If he doesnt feel the same way, at least you know where you stand


I can honestly say that people fall in love more than once in thier life .. ive fallen in love twice, and right now im in a loving caring relationship. If you let this guy slip any further away he might be gone for good .. remember an old saying 'the longer the line, the more chance of cathcing the fish' lol .. well .. its one i made up


Being in love with some one who doesnt love you back is perfectly normal. Many people have experianced it. If you know for sure he doesnt feel the same way then move on with life. Thiers plenty more fish in the sea ..and a whole lot of love to share


'Getting over' some one will take time and lots of effort ... but like i said before we never 'get over' them.. just forget them lol. Try seeing other people .. make new friends.. becuase thats where true love will blossom

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