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I think what you really need to do is stop asking the question and seek out help from someone educated in gender/sexual confusion issues. You have posted on here prior about your craving to have sex with men. There are no answers I or anyone else here could give you that would help you. The only answer that i could suggest is talking with someone who specializes in that area.

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Scout, yes thats what I meant. I fall in love with women and want the sex with them, but I crave sex with men more and dont fall in love with them. I was just wondering what exactly defines sexual orientation, love or sex.

Lil_kayla, who do you date then? Do you consider yourself to be bisexual? I find this very interesting!!!

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I personally would consider it a form of fluid Bisexuality BUT as always it depends who you are talking to.


An interesting bit, as certain individuals who identify as Lesbian, they will have sex with men. For them it simply is an available source to remove the sexual urge, but they will mention it is just that. There is no connection; just sex. Period.


Now on the other hand these women keep the lesbian title due to their reasoning that their key is having the full in depth relationship with the woman whereas the man is just there with no chance of developing into anything, only remaining a sex object you may say.


Yet on the other end of the spectrum, some Lesbians will go tooth and claw about any woman who has sex with men regardless and insist they are nothing more than Bisexual.


On the other hand, some just consider everyone Bisexual-Pansexual. I actually hear more individuals now considering themselves Pansexual to represent the Whatever attitude in terms of the fact that they are not limited to the human plumbing system but instead are attracted to an individual from their personality and intellect versus labeling his or herself in order to fit one of society's molds.


It is a growing thing where people just consider themselves a no label person as it just complicates the life, idea is, if you want to, go ahead. Love is love, attraction of one type or another is attraction. Just human.



If you really want to label it, I'd call it, again, Bisexuality and the like terms but I think it would be much better to just live life under the motto of having no label in your case and give no nevermind to the people who insist on it. Otherwise, having a label and trying to fit will just end up making you miserable I'd think.

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Otherwise, having a label and trying to fit will just end up making you miserable I'd think.


I agree with that wholeheartedly. The more you try to label yourself, the more you will put yourself in a box and won't allow yourself to feel things...this, in turn, will just make you more confused- so I'd definitely advise you to not put a label on it..

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