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Where do you draw the line between friendliness and flirtation?

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I have a bestfriend of two years, who I live with. I've always had a sort of crush on her, especially the past 4 months. I just disregarded the whole thing and let it go.


Then the other night I came out to her that I'm fairly positive I'm a lesbian. She just smiled and said, "I know it. Everyone knows. Hell a lot of people think you're in love with me." I was shocked that was said, thinking to myself oh no, crap. But then she said, "It's okay I told them I'm not your type anyway" That's what gets me, did she expect me to say, "Yes you are my type." Anyone else in that situation, as far as my girlfriends go, would have said no way and been slightly uncomfortable.


The whole conversation went so incredible well, and she looked at me like she doesn't normally look at me. It got me all back to square one with my feelings to her, and to think I was finally over it all...


This is where my question comes in, where do you draw the line between friendliness and flirtation. She's bisexual. I never see her with chicks, but she does comment on them. We are very cuddly, more than I have been with anyother girlfriend. She will kiss me on the cheek, she will hold me from behind when we go to bed, she will play fight me, she will hug me, hold my hand. We were sitting on a blanket in a park watching a movie one night and she linked her arm in mine then commented that an older lady smiled at us and thought we were lesbians. She's "joked" around and said if we were to sleep together who would be the butch and who would be the femme" etc. All those thing, just crossed my mind after that night, and I'm sitting here wondering if she's trying to figure out if I'm interested in her or I'm just over thinking the whole situation. I've never been like this with a female friend before in my life.


So, where do you draw the line?

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Holding someone in bed would be considered an intimate situation. If she's holding you in bed then bust a move on her. Instead of thinking of this situation as "she's bisexual and I'm a lesbian" just read her body language. If she gives you eye contact and you're close to her, touch her hair. If she lets you touch her hair, make a move.


Your friendship would be first one that evolved into either a kiss or more.

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