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Update on meeting with the ex....


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Hey guys, for those who know anything about my story I met up with the ex Saturday and it went really well!!


Bit weird at first but then we were flirting, he was looking at me and poking me in the ribs and stuff with that fondness in his eyes. Remained a lot more aloof than him, but still giggly and friendly, telling him funny stories and reminising over funny times, took the piss out of him a bit too (in a friendly way) and was so in control of the situation.


He says he wants to talk properly, that he doesn't want to leave it like this. And he asked whether I wanted to go to this festival with him and his best friend and girlfriend. I said would that not be a bit weird and he said 'don't be daft!' I said I'd think about it. When we hugged and said bye, I didn't feel upset at all and went off quite happy. Didn't click at the time but half an hour later he phoned but I missed the call, phoned back an hour later and he sounded really miserable and I said 'what's up?' and he asked me this really pointless question about my job, which I know wasn't that urgent!


Know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but when I met him anyway, I looked really good (sorry not being big headed!) and I realised he's not this great catch that I had him out to be! I've actually got a nicer personality than him (he's very bad at small talk) and am more comfortable in my own skin, made me see that I'd built him up on a pedestel because I hadn't seen him for ages! My friends had tried to tell me this, but I guess it comes down to your self esteem on how you view yourself! So proud cause I left a very good impression and made up for the pathetic ramblings of my letter!!


Anyways Just wanted to get you guys expert views on this!! Thanks for reading! xxxxxx

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Hi Nikki


sounds like it went well on Sat...I too had a 'date' with my hubby on Sat....and went well for me too,...(check out my posts)

like you I too looked good !!!! well we have to compliment ourself when we have no fella to do it !!!...and I too felt the familiar feelings that were there during our realtionship...


of course we are all diffrent..BUT my advice would be to keep going....I do believe that there is always hope..

what I have done is to keep a journal of my progress from day 1 of break up...it helps to see how far i have come with him....its easy to forget the little things that have happened..and easy to become disheartened..

for instance...my hubby left 4 mths ago....all he talked abt was sorting out the finances so he could move on..etc..I truly believed we were heading for divorce...

2 weeks later he admitted that he was a mess and didnt want divorce ( he is depressed)..

4 weeks later..he said he didnt want to close the door on our marriage...

10 weeks later we met for coffee..it was awkward...but we hugged and kissed

11 weeks later we went for a lovely walk and held handds..

14 weeks later a meal out ....hug and kiss...etc..

then this Sat another meal out...talked for longer abt us..but left him to bring up the realtionship talk.....and we sat in his car for an hr with his arms round me....hug and kiss...


until you write progress down its easy to dismiss the little things that happen....

my advice ..DONT GIVE UP....you WILL know when to give up..your heart will tell you..listen to your instinct..to your gut feeling...I try and be positive..and i try visualisation...to think abt us been together agian..and what it will be like...DONT think negative ..altho i know when you hurt its easy to do....

have you heard of self fullfilling prophecy ??? thats when what you wish for so hard can actually come true because you act in such a way that helps the outcome...BUT it also works with negative thoughts too...


all i can say is KEEP GOING....i think it sounds promising....will be thinking of you...

I keep saying to myself..I wont give up till that wedding ring is off my finger !!!!!!!


love ya


futy x

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