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My boyfriend has planned his 2 weeks holiday with his best friend..

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He works full-time and his job is very demanding. He works in consultancy. Anyway, he has planned his holiday with his best mate to visit one of their good friends in Asia. I am very happy for him as I have been to Asia myself and it's great to visit these Asian countries. However, what I can't help to be sad about that I want to ask him to spend more time together as we are in a long-distance relationship and I don't want to come accross as needy and demanding? He took me to North Africa in April for a few days with his work, which was very nice but I still feel like he plans more of his free time with his friend than with me? We see each other once a month as our full-time jobs don't allow us to visit each other more often but I have got the feeling that I plan our meetings more than him and then when he tells me that he is going with his best friend on holidays, I feel unimportant. Am I wrong? How can I solve this without making him feel blamed?

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ah. I dated a consultant myself and he was always on the go, different countries, going to fancy dinners, staying in fancy hotels...


I don't know what to say except I feel for you. does he make you feel loved? is he there for you? how long have you been dating? do you have plans to be together in the future?


Yes, he can have a demanding job, but if you have the feeling he is not so committed to you, maybe you should reconsider staying in the relationship.... After my experience, I can never do long-distance again. I would much rather date someone a few miles away that I can go out with at the drop of a hat.

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