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Which one is better and why?



I am not your typical North Georgia guy.


I'll take a healthy bicycle ride and a country drive in my 2006 Toyota Corolla over going to a bar or club in Atlanta. I tell people I like the snow and cooler temperatures in Winter but my heart still longs for summer weather. Women have said "I'm fun to be with" and "funny". But most importantly to me my close friends tell me I'm someone who is very helpful.


For an honest woman with a kind heart looking for that special love match I just may be "the one" you've been waiting for.


If your willing to get to know each other a little bit better, please contact me right away. You'll be glad you did!






Hello! My name is Josh. I am a recent college graduate in Network Systems Administrator and Computer Repair. I am very outgoing and I want to live life to its fullest! I like to laugh as much as possible and can find humor in anything relating to everyday life.


I have many interests. I love the arts, and going to the museums and seeing the latest exhibits. I also enjoy taking photographs of both natural and urban beauty. I'm also an excellent cook, and cook many great hearty and home-style meals. I am also very fit! I enjoy hiking; my favorite hiking experience was hiking up Stone Mountain, looking down at the town far below and seeing the high rises in ATL in the background. I will often also go for drives and see new sights in my Toyota Corolla. I also give great massages (hint hint!).


Compatibility is very important to me; because without it, the relationship has have nothing. If you think we might be compatible, send me an e mail and I'd love to chat with you!

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I think the top one is better... #1


Here are my reasons why:


* The second one is a bit "heavy" and "full-on" in regards to a relationship and I think that would scare a woman away especially if she is only reading it online to gauge your persona.


* #1 is short, concise and to the point... no meaningless detail.


* There is more humour in #1.


* I also think that #1 is better written in general.



Just another side note, Why is it necessary to mention the kind of car you drive? [top profile]?



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Number 2 is better, but I think its best to not to use the internet to find a girlfriend. ON the internet people can be just what they want to be. Instead of posting profiles, befriend girls in real life. If you are friends first, you can see how that person really is when they are not just trying to impress you.


People can also show false faces in real life, too. Also, there are many times when single when I never came accross anyone I was attracted to in "real life" and this can happen quite often. I was signed up with a computer dating agency when I met a girl by normal means, so the moral of the story is to use Internet but not to neglect anyone you might happen to meet in the meantime.

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