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Any of you ladies involved in an affair with a married man?


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Are any of you ladies involved in an affair with a married man and you need help?


Recently, I ordered an e-book written by a psychologist for my friend who was in too deep with a guy who totally deceived her and almost ruined her life.


So anyway, the book really helped her (and me). It's called- This Affair is Over by Nanette Miner.


I myself was involved in an affair with a 40 year old married man a few years back when I was 21. He had told me that he wasn't married. He kind of forgot to mention it until one day someone else told me. So I know how rough this stuff can be.


I'm probably not allowed to post my email address here. But if any of you would like to read the e-book, let me know and I will email it to you somehow. I think it will be very helpful if you want to stop indulging a man who is most likely out only to take advantage of you.

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Hi Spacey-

I just sent you a message through this system. I hope you received it. In the message, I sent you my email address so you can contact me and I can send it to you direct.

I wouldn't mind posting my email address on here, but I'm sure that's probably not allowed!

Let me know if you got my message!

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