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What to get, what to get!?!?


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Needing some help here, i didn't know where to post this but it sems a good enough place

Anyway... My boyfriends birthday is coming up really soon and i have NO idea what to get him!!! ](*,)

It's driving me crazy, I've not got loads of money but i want it to be something he can keep or something really special, this will be the first gift i buy him as we've not been together that long,

I don't really know what his into, i was kinda thinking about a diamond watch but every one i see seems to cost like $3456787695987.09 hahaha, so if there's any guy's out there that can help, and girls who have got gifts for there fella's pleaseeeeee tell me.

I do really like the watch idea though

Also he will be 24, just thought i'd include that.

Thanking yoooooooou

T xx

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it's not the amount of money you spend, it's time and effort you put into it. i absolutely WOULD NOT get the diamond watch. you setup an unreasonable precedent that you will have trouble matching in the future and he might be disappointed.


think about what he likes. you don't even have to necessarily buy him something. take him out to a sporting event, zoo, whatever he digs. i use to think differently when i was younger, but a lasting experience is often times better than a material possession.

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Does he like sports? Some sports tickets to his favorite team might be good. It does not have to be the same day as his birthday, he can look forward to the event!


A new wallet might be good, he'll think of you every time he pulls it out.


A watch (NOT diamond!), a simple masculine watch.


Does he have any hobbies? A favorite CD, a DVD, some hobby supplies, a new video game?


I wouldn't spend too much money. The real value of a gift is the thought. If you spend a lot of money, you'll make him feel uncomfortable (or if he is a bit bad, greedy and he'll feel pretty awkward about what to get you, if you're throwing around thousands for him! Try stay around $30-$40, especially for a gift early on! $100 is going too far unless its something you are both sharing like tickets to a big game.

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