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anyone ever have a breakup where you both end up crying really hard cause you dont know if its the right thing to do? or cause your scared?


my gf of 6 years and i broke up tonight it was mutual.


she has some issues that she has to deal with her own and i know she needs to do this on her own..


i did tell her and ment it if she needed anything i would be there for her.

i love her alot and care for her alot.. i want to marry this women.


im leaving for afgan and its so hard cause i really want her there for me but she cant and i cant be selfish like that it wouldnt be fair..


we held each other and cried very hard it didnt seem like either one of us wanted to leave each others arms.

i know ididnt.... i just hope i get another chance at this with her when she gets better.


anyways im just venting and thanks for reading...

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i think in most cases, both parties are sad during and after a breakup, no matter who initiates it. i'm sorry you're going through this.


if you're meant to be, you will come back together.


if it's any consolation, it is the best case scenario for it to be a mutual breakup...at least in my opinion. less hard feelings and you'll find it easier to mend fences and at least have a friendship (if you want it). there's usually less nastiness, too.


keep posting. you'll feel better. check in and let us know how you're doing.

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