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Here it goes again.


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The pain is allllll back, i was doing fine, i was ok...now i have to start over again.


I found out yesterday that my ex girlfriend of 2 years has been having sex with her supervisor from work...I want her back still really badly, i cant keep no contact, i cant let it go. I cant do anything but sit still in my seat and think about that...it discusts me.


I dont know where to go from here...


She calls me crying, she isnt sure if she wants to get back together with me or not...she says she cant because she had sex with someone else and she cant get together with me...but i told her that i could help her get over, because i can get over that but for some reason she doesnt want me back now. Well im not sure if she wants me back, but she says she cant.

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If she says "she can't" she means she is not going to.


There is NOTHING apparently preventing her from coming back if she WANTED to. She only called to see if you were still waiting for her, and when she found out you were, she said she "can't" as she just wanted to check you were still being her "puppy".


Why do you want to sit there hearing the details of her sex-capades now? Do you like the punishment?


Sorry hon, but time to stop being a doormat. You CAN keep no contact, and you certainly CAN let her go...but you have to choose to take the steps to do that.

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