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Need help with NC...please

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Ok so I had dated my ex for 3 1/2 years, when we broke up a while ago I still would respond to his e mails every once in a while, and answer his call sometimes when he would call (he is in Iraq so when he could call it was a BIG deal). However, I want to impliment complete NC now because I can't get over him. He gets home from Iraq in less than a month and keeps writing saying how much he wants to see me, and how over the past year that is all he had to look forward to etc...the thing is, he's a complete manipulator...


Even though I know this, I like when he says he can't live without me and everything, I like to hear it. Anyways, to the point... what are some things ya'll do when you desperately want to contact your ex... what do you do to get your mind off of it, so you don't contact them and later regret it? I need help! ](*,)

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Thanks for you guys replies!


No, it hasn't matured him. He's a jerk until I stop talking to him, then he gets all upset and tries to say anything just so I'll mail him and he can try to "hook" me again. I know he likes that I worry about him and when he is scared I've moved on, he gets insecure. This is his 2nd time in Iraq, he's been there for 11 months. I know he isn't good for me and I need to move on, but it's so difficult.

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