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cutter gone retarded...according to my "best friend"

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hey everyone. just wanted to say sorry i havnt been able to get on here in so long. but i am doing better. i no longer cut, havnt for over a year. still having problems w/ parental but hopefully wont have to deal with that too much longer. thank you everyone who has helped me out. hopefully i can pass it on and help someone else get through this.

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I remember reading your thread Brokenblackwolf, thanks for checking in again to let us know how you're doing.




I do disagree with the above InaneCathode - you'd be amazed how good talking is, even to an 'untrained person'. We are all talkers and listeners after all. did you know that a close self-disclosing (i.e. you can talk to them) friendship is the primary buffer against mental illness. I know that the great conversation and listening support i both get from and give my friends is probably equivalent to 'therapy' sometimes. You'd be amazed what a difference we can make, so don't ever believe you are no good because you are untrained. as for writing poems, yes, its also a release, just like talking is. and those are both adaptive coping mechanisms, so very very useful.



BrokenBlackWolf, glad to hear you're doing better and turning it around into helping others, that is so so positive!!! go girl!!!


girl friend xxx

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