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cutter gone retarded...according to my "best friend"

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I am sad that the two of you still cut. All we can do is give you advice. To change is the choice of you.


Therapist can help if he want's it to help. His family obviously makes things worse for him.


Does he have internet at home? Try to sign him up here.


I suggest you really stop cutting, so you can help him to stop. Learn post #5, it can help, if you really want.


You must show him that you are strong and please do not cut if he cuts, be cool when he cuts, tell him you will not cut again, that you want a future with him, that you want him to be strong and learn from the therapist. Do not push him to stop cutting (I do not push you either). Just say that you are sad if he cuts. Encourage to change, not blame if it there are setbacks.


Please be strong and be patient and persistent!

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i dont know if it was really him cutting that made me cut. i just felt really bad that day, and i was contemplating about jumping out of his car while on a bridge then jumping off the bridge on the way home from school(but when i finally got up the courage to do it, we were past the bridge) and the cutting helped me feel better...the pain of cutting through scar tissue(on my star) actually felt good, then re-cutting in the same place when the blood stopped flowing felt even better...do u know of anything i can do that gets my mind off of stuff and makes me feel better(that doesnt harm my body, physically or mentally)???

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I appreciate your feelings but don't wanna lose you because someone else screws up. I would not commit suicide if my gf passes away. Got kids and a life to look after.


I thought about it many times, the right thing todo is to inform the authorities!


He also could talk to his therapist, but the way I see it, he does not trust the therapist either. Or does he?

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well right now i feel the only reason im still here is for him, my mom has been pissing me off alot, my sister is being a b**** and i dont know...im just not really happy...and it seems like every day it gets worse, i get more depressed and feel worse...the only person that i would care if they missed me/were hurt by me leaving is him

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since his first therapist experience sucked so much, i doubt he will want to try it again(even with a different one), he said something about his mom was gonna get him to talk to one of her old co-workers, but her co-worker works w/ druggies and alcoholics, so he doesnt think that would help.

what do u want to know about my family, mom and sis?

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i dont know why she pisses me off, i dont think she means to, but thats the result of alot of things she does/says.


ya she works, but her bf's job sucks @$$, and it is making him pissed alot, and hes not getting much money, like he used to.


what do u mean by "how is she w/ her bf" and "how is she w/ your sis"

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