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cutter gone retarded...according to my "best friend"

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OK, some broken expectations we know contribute to your low self esteem



  • You expect to live in a happy family, you family divorced
  • You expect to be loved by your parents, but you do not feel loved
  • You love your sister and expect she happy but she is not...
  • You expect to be respected in school, but they ridicule you
  • .. find some more


So, all this (and more) makes you tired and depressed. It's like a battery, power goes out but nothing recharges.


Your inability to fix broken expectation reduces your self esteem, that makes you more depressed and not like yourself.


If you do not like yourself, you can't like others. You get more lonely and depressed. It's a vicious circle.


What's your opinion?


Nice to talk with you, have a good rest.

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wow...last night was bad...i was with my boyfriend during a festival my town was having, we were at a street dance, and my mom freaked out cuz we didnt have a parent around(my mom just got home from out of state so she was home resting) (and my dad was at his house, he trust us enough and thinks we are capable to be out alone after dark)...so she called my dad, got pissed at him for not being there(even though nothing was wrong) then accused him of being drunk when he got there to pick me up...she didnt want me to go home w/ him, she thought it wasnt safe(he wasnt even driving, his gf was) my mom and sister yelled at each other for a while, i sat on the porch crying. then told my mom i didnt want to go home w/ her, she cried some more, asked if i was completely pissed at her, i said just about, then left and went to my dad's...from about a half hour before my dad got there till after i got to his house, i was crying(so a total of around 2 hours), my mom now doesnt allow me to use my phone after 10. i can only be on the internet for about an hour each day. i can only see my boyfriend once a week. and i have to go through everything in my room...theres an update on how my wonderful life is going...i bit myself alot throughout all that

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I feel with you, my parents had similar issues. Everyone freaks everyone out.


Read and remember post #5.


You have to develop your own strength. You must see a little light.


Could you make a list like I made in post #27.


We work through it together, and find better expectations for you.



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what if my purpose in life is to get my boyfriend out of his life...

It would be helpful if you would eleborate slightly more.


IMHO it depends,


If his life is that bad, bring him here and we help him together.


If he is bad to you, get rid of him and we help you to get over him.


You are welcome to talk, the more the better.

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Oh, sorry girl, what a life. Your abused bf hurts, you hurt too. I feel with you.


what does IMHO mean??

In My Humble Opinion. Hint: Google

hes not bad to me. his life completely sucks. his grandma has been poisoning him, its made him pretty sick,

They are crazy. It seems this ought to be handled by the authorities. They may kill him or he them!

and have panic and pain attacks(which make him pass out, the other day he was out for 5 hours).

Sorry, it may be because of poisening, he needs a doctor!

a couple days ago he said he was about to kill everyone in his family(they all treat him like * and he punched his wall and broke a bone in his hand...

He is going to hurt himself more, or them. He needs help.


It would be best if would you talk to social services! His family may kill him or break his body with poison if you do nothing!


Please keep us posted.

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Poison can cause long term damage. Medical checkups may not pinpoint the poisening and thus do not treat it, or even mistreat it.


I want research poison, any identification, brandname?


How grandma administered poision?


How old your bf?


How is he with his mom? Does he have dad?


Is grandma nuts? Tell us more about her, what you know

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See this: link removed. It's similar to Strychnine.


Strychnine poisoning in humans

Ten to twenty minutes after exposure, the body's muscles begin to spasm, starting with the head and neck. The spasms then spread to every muscle in the body, with nearly continuous convulsions, and get worse at the slightest stimulus. They progress, increasing in intensity and frequency until the backbone arches continually. Death comes from asphyxiation caused by paralysis of the brain's breathing apparatus, or by exhaustion from the convulsions. At that time, the body "freezes," even in the middle of a convulsion. Rigor mortis sets in immediately, with the eyes left wide open.

From: link removed


Yeah, his life really sucks, can we talk to your bf?

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what is PM and DN?


PM is personal mail and DN is a moderator living in Canada, he knows the US better than me as I live in Asia.


I suggest you PM your city to DN and he will find you contact numbers.

Also give him this thread.


Attempted murder is a matter for the authorities, the more so if grandma comes back soon!

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