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In Love With a 40 Year Old Virgin.. Yes, Really

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Hi guys.


Just wanted to get some of this out of my system and maybe find some helpful words along the way.


The Canadian I refer to in my user name is a virgin. Not just a 40 year old one, but one in his mid-40's. (( I am not a virgin, however )). Emotional trauma in his youth and continued mental instability until just recently has kept him from even WANTING to be in a relationship with a woman. He and I have not even kissed, but he has talked of a future with me as his wife.


During a recent cuddling session, he confessed to me that he wanted to kiss me, but was terrified of the whole thing. I haven't told him in so many words, but just the thought of being with him gives me butterflies. Every time he touches me it takes my breath away, even when he just holds my hand. He experienced an erection during the moment, and it made him very nervous and uncomfortable.


I want so much to give him the special gift of knowing what it is like to be intimate with a woman -- even though, we have both agreed, we have been very intimate with one another in the things that we have shared.


A time will be coming soon when we will be together for a bit, and I want to share the sexual intimacies with him. But I do NOT want to frighten him or scare him away.


Any thoughts?

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All I can say is Wow, It sounds like you have found yourself some really special by the sound of it


Your situation with him needs time, he needs you to be there for him and be on the same level that he is.


Good luck and ejoy the moment!



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I don't know if I could stand being with someone I love for a year and never have kissed them? Hopefully he doesn't end up having severe sexual hangups.



I think you need to take charge and get him naked and give him something to remember. Don't worry about scaring him. You two have been together for a year. Kiss him and make love to him.

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