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Can anyone explain this to me? For one I'm curious if it is likely she will end up in NYC (this will be something that affects me, as we have a son together) and two I would like to learn from this.


I was packing up old ex love letters/cards/photos and came accross a recent letter. This letter was in response to me saying, "I'm moving on" two weeks after she asked to have a break and "find herself." The letter basically apologized for how she was treating me, said that all she wanted was to be a family, that she loved me with all her heart and just wanted to be forever together etc. About 4 days or so after she wrote this letter she went on a date with NYC guy. I know she is telling the truth on this from a few signs, among which was her not getting back together with me.


Around two weeks later she tells me that she would marry this guy if he asked. Could she really be serious!?!?


A few weeks after that I call her [about arranging for my son to spend an extra day with me] and she is really down. I ask her whats up and she tells me she's been drinking since the afternoon (it was early evening at this point) because she hasn't talked to him since lunchtime. She is worried he is out with other women. I also find out from her that he never gave a direct answer to the commitment question.


I have been creating an interface via html to view pictures of my son (and some pictures have me or my ex, or both in them as well). It is basically a bunch of thumbnails which you can click on for the larger picture. She let me borrow the photo albums she has so I showed her my progress so far. I was showing her a few pictures when I notice that she's about to start crying. She wiped up the tears and I closed the browser. I asked why she was upset because these were happy memories, and she claimed she wasn't upset. I just changed the subject at this point.


I'm polite to her and listen when she talks/give advice when she asks. She gets too emotional when I limit the topic to our son and it's way better if we are civil to each other. Not a knock at her but she is really bad at keeping friends and other than a few people she met on her political message board she really doesn't have anyone. I say almost nothing of my own life, however. She still seems to be going full steam trying to get up to NYC and appears to be completely obsessed with NYC guy.


What is going on here? It has been about two months now and most of it is long distance. Is this a rebound? At first I thought it was about the money, since he takes her (so she says) out constantly whenever shes up there. Now I'm not sure.

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Wow, something is definitely out of whack with her. The commitment question, wanting marriage, way too soon. No matter how much you think you want someone, it is common sense to wait it out awhile to be sure, and it sounds like this is the first guy she's dated. Yeah, I'd definitely say it's a rebound relationship, sounds like she is really projecting a perfect image on someone she hardly knows.


As for her discussing this with you, it doesn't seem fair to you.

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This weekend is her birthday weekend. She's going up to NYC to spend time with NYC guy and visit friends. I gave her a card and she said it was very sweet. Then she mentioned that I was still on her friends list for ICQ and seemed to want me to re-add her to my friends list as well.


No idea why she talks to me about her life so much, the letter, her immediate attachment to this guy, or the conversation about ICQ today.


Thanks for your advice!

Any other pointers ??

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