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tracking visitors to yahoo photos?

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Hi Guys,


Since I have been checking on my ex's yahoo photos website, I wonder if there is a way he would know who or where the visitor came from, if he uses some sort of web tracking software.


I heard that once you have an URL like a simple one like:

"/link removed"


then you can have a site tracker and it will tell you the IP or the location of the visitor.


Is this true????


He is a computer geek.... but I don't want to give him any ego boost to let him know that I am checking him out. I am just merely curious.

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Cos he might want to know if I still "care" by seeing if I still check out his phots. He puts up pictures there every so often. And good question, why am I checking it so often. Well, if it is possible then, I will stop checking from now on. So, is it possible for him to put a net tracker on his yahoo photos?

Even though the server is somewhere else?

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I don't think there is any way he can track exactly who has been to his photopage, as you say sometimes it records an IP address... but unless he specifically knows yours then he won't know it is you.


Most websites just have a visitor counter.



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Does'nt matter where the server is, the amount of info that's transmitted about you when you click on a link is quite maazing. There are some many site trackers out there that it's extremly simple for him to put one on even if he was'nt a computer nerd. And if he is a computer nerd like you said he probably has your IP from when you dated and if he wanted he can track it when you visit his photos page. So if you don't want to give him a ego boost don't visit the site but what I say who cares, you're broken up. If he has to make a big deal about you seeing his photos then let him. But I agree I would'nt want to give an ego boost to my ex either. Hope that helps.



P.S. it takes a few simple commands on any computer to find it's IP address and if you're a real nerd you don't even need to be on that person's computer to find it's IP address.

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Thanks theproman23!!!!


Thanks for clearing this up! Well, we are in different states, so if he has a tracker that shows location, then he will know it is me. And thanks for clearing the IP address issue, he may or may not have it.


BUT given such information, I will stop checking his photos and briefcases from now on, for me it is better and I should stop cyberstalking anyway, and for him, no ego boost for him to know that I am still checking him out...


thanks proman23!!!!

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Well life_hard it is quite easy, as others say, for your ex to find out if you have been viewing his photos, though it is not an exact science and he would have to deduce it was you based on region, number of hits, what photos were viewed, etc.


However, if you are using AOL, then he cannot know it was you viewing the photos as all traffic from AOL is routed and rerouted and only AOL can trace IP addresses.


Though, you can use a proxy server at anytime to hide who you are and he shouldn't be able to tell that it was you viewing the pics.


But, why on earth or in heaven would you want to be viewing his photos? Please don't, because as long as you do, you aren't moving on.




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I agree with Orlander! STOP CHECKING HIS PHOTOS!


For some ungodly reason, I kept checking my ex's Flickr for the first six weeks after we broke up. In retrospect, that was so freaking stupid of me. I knew he was dating someone, and I would dare myself to look and face the truth. I ended up making myself sick. I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I've sworn off looking at *anything* that has to do with him.


Checking his photos is holding you back from truly moving on. Really, don't be a masochist!

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Yeah, I know, I am doing SO well too..... I feel a sense of indifference too sometimes, but comes and goes in waves I guess. But I think his photo website is slowy my progress.....


I use firefox so I can't block his page, unless I use an add-on.

But in IE, it is better, you can block a site and put a passcode on it....


Yes, why am I looking at this photos.... SICK!!!!!!


Thanks, but now that I know there is possiblity that he might be able to track views like that, then I will definitely stop.... I want to let him know I am committed to getting over him....

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