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hows this sound


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been trying to make things work.....she doesnt trust my character......fearfull because she just went through a divorce......we broke up she came back after 4 months and we are having problems...she isnt certain of who i am and is afraid taht i am somone dfferent then when i am with her a "facade"



I am WRITING YOU AN EMAIL.....this is a once in a lifetime chance....no more games, no more hiding behind emails, texts, ims, or not answering doors or phone calls. I am done avoiding this issue. I have invested my heart for over 20 months into this and it needs to be settled either way good or bad

I am making dinner tonight for us at my house, bring your heart bring your soul bring your fears lets get this on the table...no more fighting just two mature adults making a life decision, I am prepared for whatever comes down our path tonight I didn't leave you hanging last night! You need to know that! I know you are scared! SO AM I!(i never felt this before...something i never told you) I am able to put this together tonight because I have one last strand in my heart crying out to do so. I believe in true love so if you don't fight for something you believe in you will never know who you are. so here is my fight....i ask you to be at my house at 8 PM dress how you like, sweats would be nice that way you can be at ease....(no motive) bring you, your heart and all of you to the table and we shall converse about the rest of our lives.......do not text me, call me, or email me i will not answer before i see you tonight, i will take my chances to see if you believe in true love and show up at my door tonight because this relationship means something to you and i mean something to you, i know this sounds like pressure(as you always say) but if you truly care about me and our relationship nothing will stand in the way of you being there NOTHING!!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES!! if you don't show up tonight at 8 PM then that will be my sign that we have nothing and i will never try to reach out to you again i am prepared to do that....and i will quietly begin to eat the dinner i prepared for "us" alone realizing that we were never meant to be and start my process of getting over the love of my life


I miss you terribly too everything about you (almost everything)


I hope you realize the sincerity in my heart and this final attempt at "xxxx And xxxxxx"


I love you...this is for real and this is no joke no ploy no game no bull * * * * no nothing just 110% HEART !!!!!!


Love Always




i have alot to get done today blowing off or avoiding my job is not and wasn't an option!!!!! it never will be!

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Can I convince you to only tell her that she is coming to dinner, and then tell her this when she is there.


I recommend you cook and have dinner, enjoy it, when you are done, tell her this, and then tell her to go home and make her mind. When she has, call you. If she waits too long, you're done.

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she texted me at 545 saying that not to bother sh ewasnt coming that she needed time to think without me intiating or doing the work all she can offer was to read my emails and that she was being fair to me and that i cant push during this time of her uncertainy....................8 o clock came and went........she texted me at 915 saying "tell me you got my text earlier and i could only pray you know why i was afraid to come i think it was so sweet but thats not the issue i am trying to deal with please understand me for this once"


i know she didnt want to come over because we would most likely end up in bed lol.....but as you read my email above it was the end all be all...i didnt even get a phone call and say "yes you mean something but i am afraid to see you" this is ridiculous... i want to be done and stick it to the moon but she will send me an email or text making me feel bad to reel me in.....i hate how she calls the shots...i cant deal with it my email asked to discuss all issues.......her text to me was confusing because i dont know what issue she is talking about now?

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I think you just need to wait and see if she comes to you. You cannot back off of this, because if you do, you will probably go through it again, and again, and again.


She needs to jump in with both feet or not. And you need to leave her alone until she comes to you and jumps right in.


Be strong on this.

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I don't know if you need to be harsh or avoid her, if you need some space, then you can ask her to leave you alone. But she seems to not want to committ, and I couldn't deal with that. I think you jsut need to refuse to be in the relationship if it's not to your liking.


Usually one person gets more power than another in a relationship, nad the one who does is the one who's readier to walk away. If she is not acting as you want, you either accept it or you are ready to walk. Give in, she gets to do as she has done. Don't, and you must be redy to walk.

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