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I feel so good about myself right now. My father and I just got back from the doctor's and I passed my drug test. I've NEVER passed before, even though I've taken at least 15-20. I am quite elated. I also feel good about making my father proud, because he is the only one who has actually gives a crap about me. I feel so guilty that I've let him down so often, but now he is so proud of me. I enroll in another Rehab the 20th of this month. I am ready to go, finally after 5 long years of addiction.


Don't know what I expect anyone to write, just had to get my feelings out!



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Congratulations on passing, that is excellent news!


You have a hard slog ahead of you but the rewards will be out of this world for you at the end of rehab.


Beating drug and tobacco addictions are some of the toughest things a human can do, it can take so much inner strength and determination, but you have it in you to get through this and make a life for yourself.


Make your father proud


Good luck and keep us posted.

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I've realized something myself these past few days that you can probably relate to: Only you can hold back yourself...the only person you can let down is yourself.


I've also vowed to not let my bad (emotional) habits bring me down... good luck to us both!

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Thank you all for your wonderful replies. I just told my girlfriend, and she is totally happy.I can't believe how selfish I used to be. AllI cared about was my own state of mind, whether it was healthy or not. I never knew how much people actually cared about what I did! Recovery is the best thing that's ever happened to me, this past month was a great self-searching experience, and I am having the best time of my life, by just enjoying life. Thank you all for your encouragement and motovation. I'll keep eveyone posted on everything. I have court today, so we'll see how that goes. My dad said they might just give me weekly drug tests instead of another rehab, since I actually passed this one.


If not I am still looking forward to accepting my repercussions. Thanks a lot guys!

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I know personally how it is to go off drugs. I smoked pot for 3 years before I finally got clean in July 2005. It's not easy to just give it up but the results will be worth it after a few months. Sometimes if I smell it I just want to walk up to the person and ask for a hit but I know that getting clean was the best choice I ever made when it came to drugs.


If you ever want to talk, PM me. I'm always on usually.

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