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K heres the story. About 4 months I met a girl in the university city that I live in, we started seeing each other for a couple of months and then I went home. I live about three hours away, anyway there hasnt been a weeked go past yet where we havent spent the enitrety together. Ive taken her to Spain to meet my dad, I stayed with her family this weekend and we are both able to mix with each others friends with complete ease and never have to worry about one another when we go out socialising with each others group of friends.


Everyone says they can see how good we are for each other, and people no longer refer to us as individuals but as a collective term. and that they have never seen a couple which seem like such genuine best mates. Of course we have our little disagreements, but we are able to resolve them really quickly just by talking them through.


Heres the catch though, everyhting has been going so wonderful but in 2 weeks time I shall be moving to America for a year from the UK, San Francisco to be precise. Her mum has said that she will pay for her to come for a month at Christmas, so it will be 4 months in total that we wont see each other at first then another 5. Just wanted to here any advice that you guys may have for me, and do long distant relationships really work????

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Long distance relationships can work.


It sounds like you both have a great relationship, which helps when long distance.


Some advice, remember that it's not always going to be easy. You will miss her and she will miss you. It seems like the fact that you are considered a collective term these days means that you haven't spent much time apart. So maybe this long distance thing for a year might be good for you both.


How are your trust levels with each other? If someone even slighty can't trust the other, it might make it a whole lot harder on you both.


Also, communication is very important. You are both going to have bad days and you are both going to wish the other could be there to comfort you. And of course, you are both going to want to talk about random things with each other. So make sure you have ways to communicate whenever needed. Maybe by phone and email.


At least you know that it's only for a year. Of course, that seems like such a long time. But so many couples go long distance not knowing when they will get to be together again.


And seriously, if you can both get through this, you will have a much much stronger relationship at the end of this!

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