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Alternatives to smiling?

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Okay, that title sounded weird, but since I have braces for a little bit, and my teeth are not the most attractive right now, what are some other subtle hints to letting a girl know you are interested in them? At parties and things like that, I used to smile if I caught a girl looking at me who I was interested in. However now with the braces, even though I'm pretty sure once we have talked for a bit they wont mind the braces, some girls wont give you a chance if they notice you have them before they talk to you.

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A close-mouthed sort of half-smile could be cute with the eye contact. Plain eye contact without any sort of other facial expression could get creepy, or she could get the wrong message ("I think he hates me. He keeps staring over here like he has a problem with something I'm doing.")


I dunno though. My opinion is that the girl will learn you have braces in due time anyway...either when you start talking to her, or when she does something cute to make you laugh. You can't just avoid smiling forever.

Besides, braces don't look all that horrible.

I think you should just smile anyway. If girls have a problem with it, so what. You'll find another girl who won't.


Just out of curiosity, how old are you? Unless you are quite a bit older than most people are when they get braces, I can't imagine it being a huge issue.

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