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Just about to cry...

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Just need some support, confronted my 'boss' (i look after her kids- nanny) telling her I work too hard and too many hours and it completely backfired...she said that i have a great job and that she does everything she can to help me!! Im a live-in nanny so cant get out the house and i cant stand it....i want to cry

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did you come up with any solutions for your problems before you went to talk to her?


as a former "boss" I can tell you nothing annoyed me more than an employee coming into my office and dumping a big "this job sucks" and nothing else.


I didn't mind so much the "I feel like I am taking on too much responsibility, and here is how I would like to step back a bit" but the "you make me work to hard" without any direction as to what I could do to help them came off as an attack


so, sit, think, write out a plan, and go back calm, appologize for earlier, and talk to her about problems you are having and possible solutions.


that's my advice.

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Was it a negative confrontation, or did it just not have the results you were hoping for. What were you hoping for? Do you feel you are working more than you had originally agreed?


Do you truly think your boss is trying to help? Perhaps she thinks she is helping but is doing the wrong things. Maybe there are different things to be done instead of some of the things that could be happening now that are not helpful.


If you're a live in nanny, this sounds like more of a complicated and involved working arrangement than that of most other jobs, so I'm sure there are a number of different factors at work that we're not aware of. Let us know what they are and perhaps we can advise more helpfully.

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Sorry to hear you're unhappy, Princess18. What are the terms of your work contract? Are you supposed to be available to the family at all hours of every day, or do you get time off? Are you currently getting the appropriate amount of hours off per week that you're entitled to? I agree with the other posters, who talk about making a suggestion to your boss on how to improve the situation. That is always helpful.

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