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OK, you want games?

river dog

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Went up my bar tonight, the bar where I last saw my very recent ex ("I need some time..."). Then she was with my philandering neighbour, whom I suspect she was seeing before I went out with her. I know they are skulking about somewhere.


When I asked what she was doing in my bar, she quickly pointed to a sorry figure as the one who brought her. Though he seemed quite happy for her to be locked into a corner with my Elvis impressionist neighbour. He looks the type who would just be happy to sniff her bicycle seat. My neighbour is another matter all together.


Didn't fool me, because I know stuff she doesn't know I know (not through stalking). Hey, it all helps to reaffirm what a trusting, stupid Teddy Bear I had been.


Anyway, this poor sop is in the bar tonight and is nervous; clearly scared of me, because he knows I am her pissed off ex, what a laugh.


I start to enjoy it and look for an oblique NC opportunity. He may be able to get back to her because he is the patsy I didn't want to be.


"You know, I saw River Dog up the bar and I am a bit scared of him"

"Really, how was he? Was he with anyone?"

"He was with some friends and seemed pretty happy. He got a few text messages quite late and then left."

I had been to the toilets and set the alarm on my mobile to go off in 30 minutes and then repeat. Sneaky eh? Perception is reality people, and I bet it crossed his mind that is was her.


Now, here is the rub. I have even more respect for this girl - she is so cool Think she'll have my babies?


Anyone felt more respect for their ex after they left, or am I unhinged?


She was playing a game all along but I learn quickly; enough with the broken hearts. I think she is about to serve a double-fault... yeah, I know it's not love but I want my ball!

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Anyone felt more respect for their ex after they left, or am I unhinged?


Nah. I think that's normal depending on the circumstances. If they leave to run off with the garbage guy and live in a trailor park, then the respect level might teeter off. Otherwise though, people seem to think that if someone acts better than us by leaving that they must be special. Kind of goofy really.

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