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Average weight???

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You know, I think the medical charts and BMI are great for getting an idea of about the range we should be in. ..but, clearly we are all naturally a bit different. It's just a general indicator.


For example, Sheyda is 5'2, as am I. She says she is between 98-105 pounds and feels great. I don't doubt her - maybe she is naturally more slender or small framed.

But, me at 98 pds and 5'2 would be sickly. I've got a naturally 'bulkier' build - mesomorph I guess - and build muscle at a blink of the eye. So I weight more, around 115 lbs right now, and I think I'm just right here.


I get what you saying, Teddy. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and it can hurt - even though is seems to be the natural knee-jerk response - to compare others against ourselves or certain body shapes. No point using words that can offend, once you become aware of it.

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We are in complete agreement. It would be totally obvious to not compare a larger lady to something unattractive (when describing a woman, that is), such as a whale, a man, or a hippo. So why would it not be obvious that it's equally insulting to compare thin women to things that are unattractive, such as a stick, a board, a pole, a boy.


People, we are different shapes and sizes. No one shape or size is 'better' than the other. The important thing is to be the healthiest we can as individuals.


Also, people, lets all stop fishing for compliments to our figure, knowing that it will inevitible result in the insulting of others types.

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Both of you, whether you try to justify it as "I didn't 'mean' it as an insult", or not. It IS insulting. Now, stop feeling sorry for yourselves, stop rationalizing insulting people, and just stop saying it.


NOW, it's done.


You're right except I dont feel sorry for myself. Its funny that you're going off about "rationalizing insulting people" when you've done the same thing but whatev. Im now officially dunzo w/ this thread.

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