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Well here's my update (if anyone cares)

Lately, I have been keeping very busy since my wife left, and I feel like I am starting to fall back into some sort of "normal" routine with myself (actually getting enough sleep, making actual meals for myself instead of microwave burritos and frozen pizza, I've starteed working out a little again, etc.)


...and I truly feel like I don't need another woman in my life right now...at first, I was looking for booty-calls, etc...got a couple in there in the first couple weeks, but they really do feel hollow, call me old-fashioned, but sex without any attachment really isn't that much fun...


Thank God for my great supportive family & close friends, I feel closer to all of them than I have in some time.


I also have started re-finding my hobbies that were put on the back burner during marriage & I am realizing now how much of myself I gave up to try and be the "perfect husband" (which, by the way, is part of what drove her away) I now know that in my next relationship, I will not put my fun/passions on hold for the significant other...If they fell for me because of those passions, then I need to keep them!


Over the weekend, i went dirtbike riding, and stayed later than I normally would have, and I pushed myself harder, took some bigger risks and jumped higher/further than I have in years (I always tried to be home in time to spend time w/ her & return in one piece) It was a real great day of riding with my good friend... Almost liberating & it helped me let go & realize that I am only responsible for myself now.


I've been thinking about getting a dog, too for some company, as I am sure I'll be living alone for at least several years, so that would be a good distraction & a new companion...anyone else done this?


Thanks also to this website, I am a "man's man" type of guy, but it sure is nice to be able to let out some feelings without feeling like people will call you a sissy!

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I say go for the dog... But ONLY if you're prepared now to not date anyone that doesn't like dogs. You may find it harder, but please don't get a dog just to give him up when you find someone who's almost perfect, but allergic. Just think about that.


I have dogs and wouldn't have it any other way.


As far as your other points, it's great you are moving on. Good luck!

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